About Us

Slices of homemade, artisanal bread are surrounded by little bowls of olive oil, along with lemons, peppers, and thyme
Arvore da Vida is a small, family-run import business based in Minneapolis. We take pride in bringing the world's finest artisanal products to your door, whether you are ordering online or walking into your favorite retail store. 

Our company began in 2022, but its roots are much deeper. Corey Lahm founded Arvore da Vida in partnership with his son, Griffin, out of their shared love for travel, culture, and tables filled with beautiful things to eat and drink.

Corey has worked in the import/export space for more than two decades, primarily in the wine industry. While traveling to the world's premier wine-producing regions, he has encountered many local and regional specialties that carry with them culture, tradition, and a lifelong commitment to quality. 


Griffin and Corey Lahm stand together on a Portugal beach, with a golden sunset behind them.
Corey Lahm (the guy on the right) is the president of Arvore da Vida. He is tasked with sourcing premium products from around the world, in partnership with regional producers. Corey loves to travel and enjoy amazing food, wine, and spirits with those he encounters along the way.

Griffin Lahm (on the left) is Corey's son and business partner. Griffin is the vice president of sales and marketing, and is also a dedicated traveler. He has experience in the world of olive oil, through an apprenticeship at an olive estate in northern Portugal. There, he participated in the oil production process, where fresh-picked olives turn into liquid gold.

Sarah Lahm (at home dreaming of being on the above beach) is married to Corey and is Griffin's mom. She is the operations manager, and guides projects into production. Happily, this involves testing tin fish, olive oil, and other delightful items that truly make life a wonderful thing. 

At Arvore da Vida, we believe that food has the power to connect people, cultures, and memories. That's why we carefully curate our selection. Truly, each product tells a story and carries the essence of the place it comes from. 

Won't you join us at the table?